Friday, July 25, 2008

Craft Show this weekend!

Hello all! Cindy and I are doing a 3 day craft show this weekend at the Show and Tell Craft Mall here in Vegas. If you are in town stop by and say hello! The site is

Our first day was today and we had loads of fun so far. We meet a lot of really cool people with the same style that we have. Hopefully we can put together some classes and maybe even a group for everyone around this area (and beyond too!). Here are some pictures of my table,

Here are some closer pictures of the memory keeper necklaces I had made with vintage sterling silver salt and pepper shakers. The Honduras Cigar box was such a fun find for me (I am half Honduran),

This one is my favorite. I just love the colors.
Here are some pictures of my charms which I made with vintage european postcards,

Here is Cindy's Table, I just love her flowers!

We have another 2 days at the show so come by and visit!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Back from Arizona

I am back from my fun trip to Arizona to take the Mingled Elements class from DJ Pettitt and Deryn Mentock. It was so fun and who knew I could actually paint! You see not that long ago Cindy and I went to a local ATC Card meeting at the Michael's by her house. I desperately tried to listen to the girl who was teaching and follow her direction but my piece came out looking like the "Bride of Frankenstein" Well of course I didn't want to put my name on it, so I put Cindy's! It has never made it's debut mainly because my camera skills are a little lacking but now it is being held just out of amusement. I remind Cindy about her every once in a while! Well with that being said you will see why I was so shocked when my painting came out nice. DJ is the most amazing teacher ever! Trust me on that one! Here is a picture of my painting before the wire frame work was started:

Cindy even signed her first autograph! I asked her to sign my magazine but she never did....LOL

While there we went to the trunk show and purchased the most beautiful things. I bought a pair of earrings and a GORGEOUS necklace from Deryn. It was a little more than what I usually spend but it was so wonderful that I just couldn't help myself. I actually called my husband twice and drove Cindy (and everyone around me!)nuts until I was finally brave enough to buy it. I am a notorious cheapskate! As you all know my camera skills are not the best so this next picture shows me wearing it. On my left is DJ (our wonderful painting teacher) and on the right is Deryn (our extremely talented jewelry/wire teacher).

It was so much fun to meet up with old friends like Rena (from my Art Nest trip) and to meet so many new ones.
Here are the hilarious duo, Maija and Tanya (sorry, having problems linking tonight!)

Also, the lovely Rena,

Cindy and I have also decided to try to sell at a local craft show that will be taking place July 25th thru the 27th. We still have to submit pictures of our art and send in the application so I will not post any details just yet but as soon as we get in, I will put up all the info. If I am going to get into the show I better go and start making some jewelry, and of course the Mr. is going to need lunch for tomorrow. I hope you all had a great weekend :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm off to Arizona!

I am off to Arizona tomorrow with Cindy to go to DJ Pettitt and Deryn Mentock's Mingled elements classes in Tempe. I am so excited!!!
I would also like to wish my wonderful husband a Happy Birthday, here are pictures from our little "party" tonight.

Happy 31st Birthday Mike!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Bono has his own blog!

Here is Bono's own blog....

I am a little sad that he has his own now, hopefully he will make cameo appearances on here every once in a while. We all decided that since this was an art blog we had better get serious and try to build our art business. We will be going over some of the old posts and picking out the funniest ones to post to the new blog, so if you have a favorite let me know!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I have a goal

In Ceasars Palace forum shops there is a store that sells purses, jewlery etc. I always go in there to see what jewelry they have at the time because they always have handmade jewelry usually by local artists. Every time I go in there I always leave so mad because with just one look of what is in there it is so basic and usually not done very well in my opinion, granted that might just be because I know what I am looking for when I look at how things are made. I get frustrated every time because that could be me! One day it will be me, that is my goal. I try to remind myself that yes it will be me someday but I need to actually make some first! I have a few more techniques to perfect but one day that will be me!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Bono's Blog...How Jenny Got Her Blog Back!

Hey everyone. As you can see by my title my Mama took her blog back. She started creating again. She said I could keep blogging here but I'm a little torn now that she is posting art again. She even has some sort of sales thing going on, this site now seems somewhat professional. Those of you that have read my previous blogs know that I'm anything but professional. It's been odd lately, we've seem to have some visitors to this site that we usually don't get. I'm guessing they come here looking for art and art related things. But what they mostly get is some cat talking about drinking and gambling. Those are the tame parts. Let's not forget I've touched on the subjects of farting, getting a thermometer in the rear end and masturbation, just to name a few. I'm thinking of starting my own blog. I'd like a little feed back from my huge following of readers. I almost need two paws to count you now. I'm a little worried about doing it because this site is a one stop shop for fans of both Myself and my Mama. Also, I'm really lazy and task of starting a new blog seems really daunting right now. Also my Mama's starts and stops with this whole art thing and she could decide to go months without posting again. On the other hand, if I had a completely separate blog there are some things that I can do that wouldn't really work here that I would like to try. So let me know what you think I should do.......I do want to touch on a few things from the past week. My Mama went and played miniature golf. Without Me!! I can't believe this. I love miniature golf. I even have my own putter. It has my monogram on it. It's monogram right? Or is it monograph? Anyway, she went to Angel Park, my favorite course. I don't get out there much because Carty got banned. One time we were out there, we had a to few many and he got into a scrum with a cotton tail rabbit on the 16th tee box. He had to be escorted out of the facility. My Dad does not take us anymore because my Mama kept putting his $3 a piece Nike balls into the pond filled with what is apparently toxic waste because there are bunch of signs telling you not to touch the water. You don't have to tell me twice. Me and my Mama are both notorious germaphobes. My paws must be clean at all times. This is also why we don't go bowling. My Mama can't handle putting on shoes that have been worn by a couple hundred other people. I'm not big of it either. On top of that they never have my size. And I always have to pay for a 2nd pair because I like to have a shoe on my 3rd paw as I trot up roll the ball. The shoes are always funky colors too. They clash with my black and white fur. Why do they make the shoes so ugly? I feel ridiculous enough just being at a bowling ally. My Dad and Carty like bowling. But I'm pretty sure they're in just for the beer and nachos.....On final thing. I wanted to share some pictures of me telling ghost stories. Here they are.

Why were we telling ghost stories? You got me. I've been wondering the same thing. My Mama thought it was a great time for some photos. We each told one story. Carty's really sucked, we didn't even see how it ended. We just took the flash light away from him. My Dad told a really scary one. Me, My Mama and Carty had to hide under the blankets. Then Carty farted(Carty farts when he get nervous) so we had to scurry away. That was the scariest part of the night.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Finally Finished!

It is finally done! I know I haven't actually made any jewelry in a while but this necklace seemed to take forever! I did learn a few things while doing it though so it was good to take my time. I made my very first clasp with annealed steal and figured out how to do my ribbon links too. When I showed my husband the finished product, he asked, "Is it supposed to look like that?". I really have been struggling to be unique. I used to make jewelry non-stop but then one day I just stopped because I felt that everything I was doing was so plain and predictable. Then Cindy Dean introduced my to Mixed-Media art and jewelry and the transition in my style started. So I guess I am actually happy to get that response from him, that means I must be doing something right! Anyway, here is the necklace and I made some simple earrings to match.

I hope you all have a great weekend :)